Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 -Your Best Year YET!

The New Year has arrived. Forget making a list of resolutions that you may never read again or follow through on. How about a radical reinvention or an ultra fine tuning into the "now" of what you are meant to be doing and being on Earth. Perhaps you already know what that is for you. Then how about some quantum leaping springs under your feet?

Are you ready for your BEST year yet? The year you drop more deeply into the life of your dreams AND the life that most wants to live through you?

If your answer is YES, have I got a treat for YOU!

Your Best Year Yet, is a book with a 10 question process designed to identify and dissolve your blocks, clarify your values, and create a potent framework and guidelines to catapult you into your Best Year Yet. I have participated in and facilitated a number of processes like this, yet this one tops them all.

I first participated in this workshop last year with Carrie Contey, in Austin, TX. I can tell you without a doubt, that I went on to have the most amazing year of my life. I identified and peeled away layers of self doubt and released limiting beliefs, I clarified and prioritized my most current life values and visions. I look back on what has manifested as a result of those discoveries and commitments and I am blown away, and so, so grateful.

I was amazed by how much was revealed, cleared and set in motion in just 4 hours with poignant questions, and loving, ruthless facilitation. Now, I want to give that gift back to you!

Keep in mind that this experience will up your game, fill your fuel tank with pure inspiration and jet your life to the next level of genius wherever you are in your process. Whether you know you need big changes, or you are simply ready to step it up and jump into to even more focus in your fulfilling life, this is a powerful process to support you. And, I will be there to guide you!

I am offering a two part "Best Year Yet" workshop in Tucson, AZ

(A teleclass will follow in Springtime for others across the globe)
  • 2 Consecutive Wednesday Evenings: January 13th and 20th, 7:30-9:30pm.
  • Location given upon registration.
  • A $30 Investment in yourself.

Give yourself and the world, the greatest gift possible,

Blessings and Sacred, Joyous 2010!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Transcending the Veil Between You and Me-UNITY LOVES YOU

One Love Nuggets:
Your questions answered on all things love, life and relationships.

"Here is a question for you: How do we transcend the veil that floats between our self and relationship, inhibiting intimacy with ourselves and each other? I swear I can see it sometimes."

You can see it! Sounds like you are describing the Hindu idea of "Avidya Maya". "Maya is the symbol of the cosmic illusion, whose veil does not allow mortals to perceive God. Maya has two aspects: Avidya Maya, the ignorance that estranges mortals from God, and Vidya Maya, the liberating knowledge that gradually leads mortals to the ineffable and intoxicating communion with God."

To transcend, to go beyond perceived limits, means piercing this veil will require your willingness to see yourself, others and intimacy in new way. Don't believe the hype of "you and me". Transcend the belief that we are separate, and embrace the possibility, that we are all part of the same Kosmic being, all wired for communion in God. Maybe God meeting God is what relationship is all about. Perhaps that is what TRUE intimacy is, communion in God. Let's not trip over the "G" word. By all names spoken and unspoken, let's ecumenically agree that there is a divine life force in the Universe.

So, how do you transcend the veil?
  • Commit to make it a must do.
  • Redirect all energy away from separation and place it on unity.
  • Pierce it with your eyes,
  • With your loving touch,
  • With your golden words,
  • With your gentle hands.
  • And your living truth.
The only "inhibitors" are resistance and withholding. The nature of veils is that they are thin, flimsy, transparent, easily moved, and hardly substantial obstacles. It is easier than you think. Just reach OUT and remember, as you do, that you are reaching IN-to your deepest self and to the vast mystery all at once. It is what you are wired for. Unity loves itself and longs to be intimate with you.

Transcend the veil. Go beyond it and tell me what you find. And if you need an ally along the journey, you know where to find me. Thank you for your question.


2010 promises to bring bounty and grace beyond our wildest dreams.

Be open and receive.

The One Love Alliance is welcoming videographers, documentarians and photographers. In 2010 we will create a YouTube channel and begin to share our spontaneous acts of love in motion across the globe.

"The One Love Nuggets" Syndicated Column is coming to every newspaper and internet media network world wide." (Please playfully put out this prayer to The Universe with me).

Participate in bringing Dreams into Being!
Please share this blog with your friends, write in questions... come join the fun!

What are some of your prayers/intentions for 2010?
Tell Us, so that we can energize your dreams too!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

FLASH MOB CAROLING!-A New Tradition is Born

Well, Mercury went retrograde the day after Christmas...what better time to draw creative attention inward and utilize it for radical revisioning!

First, let's remember and give thanks for the highlights of our holiday season. What old or new traditions brought you the most joy? When did you genuinely feel that spark of light amidst the Solstice darkness? or the spirit of giving and the touch of good will?

Our holidays were abundant with quality play time; at home, in nature, and with friends. We even created a new tradition! FLASH MOB CAROLING!

Sitting around the table on Dec 23rd, we decided that it would be fun to spontaneously congregate on street corners, enter into restaurants and stores and sing a song or two. We put out the word to The One Love Alliance and voila, a jolly mob of merrymakers assembled.

We met just off of 4th Ave, an active street in downtown Tucson, and rehearsed our 3 songs for about 10 minutes. We kept is simple with Jingle Bells, Deck the Halls and We wish You a Merry Christmas. We were ready to hit the streets.

First stop, Epic Cafe, which was brimming with peeps cozying up with a hot drink and friends. They were simply delighted, surprised and applauded as we causally departed and walked on. We dropped in on B-Line Restuarant, Hippie Gypsie, Antigione Bookstore, The Food Conspiracy Co-op and Maya Quetzel restaurant.

The merrymaking was funny, heartwarming and joyful. It was unforgettable and definitely the "One Love" ignition of a new tradition.

People put their cell phones up to record and photograph us, they stopped whatever they were doing and received the blessings of songs being sung just for them. They clapped and cheered for "more." We all received the gift of humanity sharing love. Givers and receivers basking in good will and fun connection over timeless holiday songs.

By our last stop, my 3 year old, Talia, who had started the flash mob journey carried in arms, hiding her face from strangers, was now standing on a table top, dancing, singing and smiling, belting out "and a Happy New Year", with her little hand bursting into the air in a gesture of grand finale.

Laughter, kindness, and the power of group song, spontaneously melted away the false boundaries that make us strangers. Thanks to all the participants that sang with such heart and soul. You are beautiful.

Now, it's off to the New year. Keep in mind that Mercury retrograde is a potent time to do all the RE things that need tending...reorganize, recuperate, regenerate, retreat, revision, recreate, renew, revitalize, recenter.

Get ready to launch your best year yet!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

From Doubt To Devotion

Today's One Love Nugget goes out to a sister who wrote in about taking action on her Big Visions. She writes "I must acknowledge the part of myself that fears and doubts. As the part of me that dwells in possibility grows larger everyday, there is still a valid part that is scared and unsure. Gabriela, do you have any suggestions for assuring this part that everything is ok?"

This question is universal. I don't know anyone on the planet who doesn't have moments of fear and doubt. On this miraculous life journey, it is natural, human and humbling to have moments of fear and doubt. Sometimes there is wisdom and valuable insight to discover in our fears or doubts that can support us in redirecting, or reevaluating details of our visions. Journal, writing out a dialogue with these parts or speak out loud in the loving witness of a creative companion or intimate friend. Go ahead and HAVE your fears, so that they don't "have" you. Often when we speak these voices, their gifts are revealed and the energetic charge, that otherwise halts our progress, loses steam and dissolves. In a nutshell, yes, all parts ARE valid, so let every one of them drink of the love, even the scared, self doubting ones. This will enrich your journey with the WHOLE of you being honored and included.

On a more meta level, sometimes my fears and doubts are a sign to me that I need to plug back into my Source. Reconnecting to the Genius that moves through us and staying surrendered there often puts everything into perspective and restores peace. Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love gives an excellent talk about nurturing the genius of creativity.

My perpetually reSOURCEful friend, River, recently shared with me that , Louise Hay, Affirmation-Healing expert, found that "I approve of myself" was one of the most powerful mantras she had seen in action. I have been integrating it and find it stops self doubt in its tracks. My energy immediately, shifts from monkey mind to meta mind.

Speaking of monkeys...become like Hanuman, he is the embodiment of divine love, "compassion in action, devotion in motion." Hanuman directed all his energy towards merging with Ram (also known here as the God of your heart). Becoming like Hanuman means embodying the unlimited power that lies within us as we merge with our Source. We can be held and allied here as doubt redirects into devotion to our divine expression as an act of service.

Join me, "put your feet into the river, give your life to something bigger" and let me know if this helps assure the whole of you that everything is beyond OK, and right in the sweet spot. Follow your heart, trust your genius and Godspeed ahead...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Leap Beyond Your Limits


"I am so ready to get way out of my open to very new possibilities that I wouldn't have considered as possible before... What is the main thing you suggest for stepping out into that unknown and opening beyond the limiting beliefs? I am beginning to see past those edges right now and I am really starting to feel past them.
-Releasing the Illusion

Dear Releasing,
Sounds like you are right in the pocket of pioneering into new territory. I have to echo what Jedi Master, Yoda says "Already know you that which you need."

The main thing I suggest these days is taking massive action with heart.
"It isn't enough to think outside the box. Thinking is passive. Get used to acting outside the box." Tim Ferriss
  • Combine pragmatism and prayer.
  • Clear and open space (emotionally, physically, energetically, mentally).
  • Create ritual that aligns your intention with the powers that BE.
  • Speak the unspeakable-to your self and others. Tell the truth.
  • Give yourself permission to change and reinvent whatever is not serving you.
  • Shake it all up. Surrender and leap!
Try out this Mantra: from The Heart Sutra.
Gate (Ga-Tay) Gate Para Gate Parasam Gate Bodhi Svaha.
Loosely translated as, Gone, Gone, Gone Beyond, Completely Gone Beyond, Enlightenment, Hail.

Your deep self knows exactly what you need. Listen and respond. Follow the dreaming, and your path of heart. Envision and FEEL yourself in a fulfilling place of new possibilities. Then, radiate that feeling out into the world. Let this motivate, inspired, non reactive, radical, right action. I trust that soon you will be savoring the juicy fruits of leaping into the Unknown.

Happy Trails, "Releasing"! The illusion has been shattered.
What you seek is seeking you. Bodhi Svaha

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wake Up To Life-The Love Generation

"Buddhahood is your birthright. You claim it every time you wake up to the present moment."
Karen Maezen Miller

My daughter, Talia, is a Buddha. She is a master of living in the now. She savors life. She delights in simplicity. She is devoted to playing, dancing, giggling and exploring her world. She loves all that sparkles. She loves being silly, making up rhymes and singing songs. Though at the core of all of her high energy and life discovery, she is a lover, an awakener. It is not lost on us that she is offering constant opportunities to be present, to let go of rigid adult agendas that at times blind us to real connection, and to the miracle of life happening before our eyes, every moment.

Last week, she said "Mama, let's go play our violins." (She has a ukulele and I have a guitar, but for short sometimes she just calls them "violins.")

"Mama, let's sing about love 'n generation," she said.
"OK," I said, "You start and then give me the signal to come in and we'll duet."

She sang, "We are love 'n generation. We love to sing, dance and play. We love ourselves and we love each other. We are healthy and free. We are the love generation."

Then she gave me the thumbs up (my cue to sing). We continued to sing, strum and laugh in timelessness. Dropping into the sweet spot of creativity and communion with my 3 year old is ecstasy. And on this day her lyrical improvisation was especially touching.

Naturally, I have a bias. I think my kid is channeling the genius of her generation...The LOVE GENERATION... and why not? We have had the Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, and now, the "Love Generation." Their time has come. They are reminding us of what is most important...offering ourselves as love in a life giving way. One definition of generation that I love is Genesis: a coming into being. I extend the invitation to you. Come into being LOVE. BE the generation of LOVE. That is the message I'll take from my child oracle. I give thanks for her effortless modeling of what it is to be truly alive.

"The miracle is not walking on water. The miracle is to walk on the green earth, dwelling deeply in the present moment and feeling truly alive."
Thich Nhat Hanh

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Loving Humanity This Holiday Season

Today, I had a wild experience. I was stopped at a red light and caught site of the driver in front of me. I could only see half of his face in his side view mirror. He was several years my senior, had a seasoned face, a blank stare. Yet somehow, I saw eternity in him. There was nothing in his expression to bring on such a profound response, though suddenly I was washed with a wave of love for humanity. A subtle sense came over me as if seeing into his soul. I felt his humanness and my love for him...for all of us, in our vulnerable, miraculous, mysterious state. He caught my gaze a few times and though I smiled, the exchange had so much transparency that I felt I should look away. I even did a few times, still allowing love to gaze through my eyes. In a moment we were driving, and life moved on, as it always does.

I have a practice of seeing the Divine in all beings as I walk through the world. I really look at people, noninvasively, yet deeply. I am humbled and graced over and over again by how often hearts are wide open and love is reflected right a gesture, a smile, a warm exchange. Some people are caught off guard but delighted, others are shutdown. Though overall from where I am standing, we live in a loving world.

This week I have been calling homeless shelters. While I can't offer housing, food for a month or a job, I do want to offer a One Love Alliance charitable event. I'd like to bring warm socks and sandwiches to a group of homeless people. I want to offer them kindness, with a smile. Wherever they are - gathered, isolated in survival, roaming the city of Tucson, or standing at scattered street corners, they are my people too. Humanity has every face under the sun. I mumble and grumble and judge just like anyone else, yet at the core, I love life, I love humanity and I want to see us all thriving. I especially feel this surge as we approach this time of year.

For me, the spirit of this season is full of magic and wonder, good will and the power of community, ritual and light in the darkness. I love the inner quiet that Solstice invites, I love the feast of lights, the joy of creating a heartfelt offering. I love baking cookies (and eating them). For Talia, my 3 year old, the holiday time is still about the sparkly sweetness of life. No consumer, toy hungry, gift fixations here (Yet).

This Holiday Season, I want to focus on loving humanity. Today, I spoke with a friend about our mutual value of instilling a sense of gratitude and love amidst what is often an overwhelming, consumptive, pressure cooker of cultural energy this time of year.

We committed to do at least 5 things that weave together the traditions we loved growing up, evolved along with our heart's joy and the current times.
Here are some of my ideas...What are yours?
  • I will donate to my favorite charity, Amala Foundation, who I LOVE, especially their Global Youth Peace Summit, and their focus on the World's Children.
  • I will repeat the 29 Day Giving Challenge , as recently featured in my friend, Britt's Blog (Also check out her past posts for amazing Have Fun, Do Good Holiday Ideas).
  • I will paint a recycled cardboard Xmas tree as a family Solstice art project.
  • I will bake and cook delicious, nourishing homemade food to share.
  • I will give of my time, including the gift of leisure time with loved ones.
  • I will get out onto the earth, go within and give deep thanks and praise.
  • I will see the holidays through the eyes of a child.
  • I will gather and connect with my beloveds both near and far.
  • I will sing, and dance, play my guitar, and play in general.
  • I will celebrate life. Now and Now and Now.
"There is only one nation-the nation of humanity
There is only one religion- the religion of love
There is only one language,- the language of the heart"
Sai Baba

Monday, November 30, 2009

Out With Victimhood, In with Congnizance

This One Love Nugget comes to us from a sister releasing victimization."
"Victimhood, one big trip we all decided to take, Earth included. Now we have the opportunity to release that which no longer serves our growth and expansion. Could you give some nuggets regarding this release in the body and in the moment we find ourselves choosing to feel like a victim?"

Great question. With honor and respect to all beings who suffer war, genocide, natural disasters and more, I am humble in the face of Karmic and Kosmic forces. On one level Victimhood is an attitude, consciously or unconsciously chosen. Dreadful, unspeakable things have happened to people who still somehow cultivate the ability to keep their hearts open and embrace their experience as their opportunity. Not all blessings feel blissful.

My dear teacher, Vanessa says "Life is not happening TO us, it is happening FOR us." I love how that flips the Victim mentality immediately. If everything is happening for our greatest good, our evolution, then turning to embrace it as gift serves the whole. This includes the Earth's journey, and all of us on it as the living body and consciousness of the Earth itself. This fits into the Jungian and Aboriginal ideas, that we are all dreaming one dream, and that every aspect of the dream is an aspect of ourselves. So, for starters let's stop victimizing ourselves on all levels. Let's command our sacred space-be peace, be love, be free. Perhaps easier said than done...maybe not. Another beloved mentor, River, always reminds me "you are at cause". At every moment, we have the opportunity to choose, Source our experience and command our sacred space-even if that starts with our Inner Space, no matter what the external circumstances.

As for shifting out of victimization tendencies, be on the look out for red flags that give it away. Mine include a pursing of the lips, furrowing of my brow, tightening my jaw, and a familiar emotional energy and mental configuration that go along with it. I utilize these cues and say to myself, "You are doing that thing!" Then, aware, I can make a choice to shift my inner reality, which often changes my experience of the outer one. This goes along with a willingness to rewire and reeducate myself and others, including making new agreements about how I roll.

Here's an interesting word play. We all know that a synonym for victim is martyr, but so is sufferer, babe in the woods and dupe. And did you know that the antonym to dupe is Cognizant? I love that. Cognizant is defined as aware, knowing, awake. What a perfect antidote to victimization, Cognizance. WAKE UP the moment you become aware of running a victim story about yourself or another and flip it into a choosing point, an empowerment (Sourcing your power). And last but not least, with it all, may we ride the currents of grace and gratitude.
Thanks so much for your poignant question!
One Love,

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Let Your Life Force MOVE

This One Love Nugget of Wisdom explores the following question...
“What is the best way to move through emotional resistance?”

The best way to move through emotional resistance is with sobriety and love. Emotion is feeling in motion, it is primal and natural, right?, let 'er rip...cry, yell, breathe, choose to move through it. Resistance is defined as: A force that tends to oppose or retard motion. An earnest willingness to drop in, embrace, be with, give voice to and move through whatever IS, always dissolves resistance. Emotional Allowance, shifts Emotional Resistance. Wish I could make it more juicy but it is really vanilla, plain ole love yourself and go for feeling your emotional energy to the core. Just do it! FEEL. I know you can.
Thanks so much for writing in, and keep 'em coming.
All love,

Monday, November 23, 2009

"Compassion in Action-Devotion in Motion"

“Soul Seeker”...Thanks for your questions... here's what the winds of wisdom blew in...
What is the nature of letting go? True “letting go” is a nervous system response. It is a disengaging of the chemistry of control, also known as withholding, contraction, closure and unlove. Some feel the “holding on” as a shallow breath or tight sphincter or low grade (to chronic) inner clench. The nature of “letting go” then includes a deepening of breath…an EXHALE, a loosening, a disarming, a softening, an opening of the heart , a dropping in to one’s self and one’s Source. A wiggle, a shimmey, laughter, a good cry, a wild dance, vocal toning or a deep belly scream all support the disengagement. It must be a bodily felt, vibratory experience to be total. “Letting go” is allowing the drop of consciousness to feel its home in the Ocean of Being, and feeling the Ocean of Being at home inside of the drop of consciousness. It is a deep relaxation and restoration into the place of unshakable peace that is always accessible. “Letting go” is being in connection and communion rather than in isolation or separation. The flavor is unmistakable and no other mimic can compare. Ain’t nothing like the REAL thing. You are wise and knowing, witness yourself and tell me what you discover… “What IS the nature of Letting go?”

How can I practice deeper, more authentic compassion? Make a commitment to deepen your capacity to love and be willing to be humble before the great Mystery as it lives through you.
Compassion is a state of grace that comes with melting open your heart and feeling your kinship with all life. Imagine the love and care you feel for that which you hold most dear, sacred and precious…then apply that to every sentient being you encounter. That is an amazing exercise to practice.
Just last week, my husband, daughter and I were the last passengers onto our Southwest flight. Our 3 year old daughter and I were separated from my husband and ended up next to a single dad with his 15 month old boy. We were in the boondocks…the last row of a bumpy flight, stuffed full of people, including 20 plus Fraternity boys who I was not digging. I was grumbly and mad inside. I did NOT want to share my paid middle seat with this guy and his kid, much less share my row. I did not want to love him. My breath got shallow, my jaw tight. I was armored. I noticed this in an instant. Thank goodness, that like “letting go”, compassion builds muscle strength in practice. I immediately saw my hypocrisy (One Love, my ass!), and my closure. I remembered all the times I traveled solo with my baby on my lap, squished into a single seat, feeling vulnerable and needing help, and kindness.
I smiled, introduced myself and welcomed my flight neighbors into my heart. For the next 2 hours we talked, laughed, shared snacks and connected as humans with tender hearts, parental responsibilities, joys and challenges. I held his baby so he could go to the bathroom, and offered an extra hand when needed. I listened as he shared about his life and felt so grateful for the opportunity to connect and get over myself. I let go of my resistance to having 2 kids on top of me, to tending to & nurturing an “other”, a “stranger” (when I felt tired and really just wanted to read my book and nap). “Compassion in action, devotion in motion” (Mc Yogi), is a life practice. I hope that this example of practicing on the spot helps to ignite your deeper understanding of what cultivating compassion might look like for you. And a final note, please include compassion for yourself in your practice, forgiving and embracing even our moments of disgruntled closure is of essence. Anything can transform and flourish when held in love …everything and everyone, known and unknown gets to drink of the love.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

All Souls OM-Community Ritual at its Best!

The OM mantra is the eternal vibration of unity. It is considered the original sound of the Universe, the Supreme...and on November 8, hundreds of us at the All Souls Procession (the largest of its kind in the country)chanted OM together for an eternal moment that unified our energy and kicked off the evening festivities.

It was twilight on 4th Avenue in downtown Tucson, where thousands of people were gathered to march, dressed in outrageous costumes, carrying elaborate floats or humble photos of their beloveds, aligned for the intention of honoring All Souls. What better place to stage a One Love Alliance Flash Mob mission! Event producer and creator, Nadia, of Flam Chen, had sent an "OM" announcement out to all the "spirit dancers" marching in the procession, and had given us her blessing to attempt this orchestration of many voices making one sound. There was a cacophony of sound at the procession line up. Divergent conversations and energy mingled with jitters of anticipation. Then, at 5:55pm, Kenya's arm spiraled a start signal to our Batucaxe peeps and we began to sound the "OM"...the tones grew in depth and volume with every breath. Suddenly, the wave was flowing, and we were all bathed in the ocean of supreme unity. It was purely magical. Breathtaking and life giving all at once. And then a moment of silence, a pregnant void that lingered just long enough-and carried us right into a most smokin Brazilian percussive break calling the Batucaxe ensemble into a lively, infectious Samba Reggae groove and the start of the procession.

The next two hours, I danced in communion. I danced with my fellow band mates. I danced with the 20 thousand participants and spectators. I danced with the living, the dead, the seen and unseen beings. I danced in honor in what was a massive community ritual. I was honored to have the "All Souls OM" be among the many sacred, memorable moments of the evening. Special Thanks to Nadia, Cliff, Batucaxe, the One Love Alliance Members and Kenya, my partner in everything forever.

Were you at All Souls? Did you OM? Write and let us know! Stay tuned for our next Flash Mob "Mission Socks and Sandwiches" (for the Tucson Homeless).
Shanti OM! May Unity Ring!

Monday, November 2, 2009

One Love Nuggets!-Git em while they're HOT!

On this Auspicious November Full Moon, One Love Nuggets are officially launched. Piping HOT. What is so hot about receiving a poignant, witty nugget of universal wisdom to chew on? Maybe that answer lies in the fact that we all travel similar paths in our inner most core, and that if we find ourselves here, on this blog, we share an intention to be connected, in love and in communion with the Source of life. There is a deeper life that is always happening, one that is humbling, awesome and mysterious...and, when we dwell there, everything takes on a richer perspective and we become more alive. Now that is HOT!

So...our first question comes in from "Easily Distracted".

Dear G,
How do I easily keep my internal focus and connection with all the wilds of the world spinning around me?-Easily Distracted.

Dear Easily,
There are many ways to answer this question, but in a "nuggetly" fashion, I will say this...The wilds of the world spinning around you literally stop spinning so wildly when you anchor into your deep center and rest there. Make that a practice. Even if you have to set a timer every 5 minutes to do it. Breathe. Drop in to your self, and rest there. You see, I know you do, that the connection to your core self, big SELF,is not at odds with the spinning wilds, it actually contains them. Your "internal focus and connection" are the designated drivers, not the "wilds". Reestablish connection easily in any moment by asking "Who is driving?" You decide.
Thanks for your question and let me know how the journey unfolds.
One Love,

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Affection=Love in Action

"Operation H3- Hugs, Handshakes and High Fives" We met at the Tucson Meet Yourself Festival Food Court. It was chaotic and packed. We were to make our way through connecting with and greeting as many people as possible, then huddle together, hug one another, and disperse. It did not go exactly as planned, yet it went just as it was meant to go.

Thank you to the willing peeps that showed up. You are awesome, daring lovers of life!

Truly, the Food court was mayhem. Actually, the festival WAS the mob, and we were greatly outnumbered. However, there were a few dozen One Love Alliance Agents that I recognized.

Note to self: From now on create a rendezvous spot to circle up together prior, and after wards. We need to be briefed & debriefed.

Personally, I high fived at least 30 or more fellow Tucsonians, of every age, race, size and gender. I said hello, wished them a happy day, a “Happy Tucson Meet Yourself”. 99% of people I encountered returned the genuine friendly smile, were positive and willing to connect. They were even tickled and delighted. Only one person was hesitant and, a few walked right on by, avoiding me.

Take away wisdom…Be more intentional about connecting eye to eye and heart to heart with strangers…And definitely more intentional, appreciative and warm with all those I already know-by acquaintance or intimate friendship. We are mammals! We need loving contact.

After our flash mob, I met up with my 50 fellow Batucaxe musicians and dancers for our performance (which was incredible by the way). On purpose I greeted each of them, with a hug, a high five or a warm pat on the back. I felt more enlivened and uplifted by our connection…what a sweet flow of love.

With H1N1 out and about (AKA Swine Flu) some folks were nervous that handshakes and hugs were ways of spreading “THE VIRUS”…Now, don’t’ get me wrong. I am all about health and vitality. I just say wash your hands often, take elderberry syrup, boost your immune system and give and get the love. Love IS medicine.

Saturday, we refrained from hugs and handshakes, and opted for high fives, but we did not refrain from the love. After all, that is what we are all about, allied forces of love in motion, taking it to the streets. Who can’t benefit from more love? Internally, locally, globally? Makes me rethink “affection”, more literally, as love that has an affect on our well being.

Affection=Love in Action. Bring it! Be it!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Let The Flash Mobs BEGIN! Love in Motion!

“Creative a gift to the world and every being in it. Don't cheat us of your contribution. Give us what you've got.” Pressfield
We are off and rolling...Yogis Dance Flash Mob Mission has had two successful runs already. The premise was to marry two of my favorite movement forms-Yoga and Dance, with live drumming! in a public eruption of uncorked joy and playfulness. "Devotion in Motion, Compassion in Action" (that is actually MC Yogi's) came alive both on the U of A Mall, on Equinox, Sept 2009, and again, on a busy downtown street on a Full Moon Friday night, in Oct 2009. In a nutshell...

A few dozen yogis and dancers met on a busy street corner at 8:00pm. We spontaneously began a flow of freestyle yoga postures, as if it was the most natural and normal thing to bust into a few poses on the sidewalk on a friday night. We moved for 3 minutes until 8 or so drummers emerged from the shadows playing outrageously infectious rhythms. We flocked to them, dancing joyfully and wildly, for just 3 more minutes. When they stopped we all dispersed and blended back into the scene, as if nothing out of the ordinary had just happened!

What uncorked playfulness, and a blast of community love!
Here's what some of the participants had to say!

“What a great party and all in 6 minutes” "What a blast!" "More, more” “Magic!”

"One Love...the magic of me and you and all of us in the expanding moment...anything is possible-why wait-be-me-not afraid to love- unique-bonding-share the unexpected- play like it's the real thing-and it is!"

Yes, it is the real thing. We were are not performing-this is real life. Thank God!