Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Generous-Gratitude Give Aways!

I am feeling Grateful! I am feeling Generous! I turned 40 over the weekend and I have never felt more happy, vital, at peace and in service of the One. I am IN LOVE with Life and to continue celebrating, I am offering some awesome giveaways, right here, right now!
  • First, I am giving away an Inner Wealth Deck to the first 4 people who write a comment to this post. You must include "I am savoring my Inner Wealth" in your comment, as well as your address so that I can mail it to you! Yes, I am even paying the shipping costs! The Inner Wealth™ Deck is an interactive, expressive tool kit of 22 beautiful activity cards. Each card offers an insightful reading accompanied by compelling and engaging expressive art activities, journaling topics and experiential mind-body practices. The cards integrate appreciative inquiry questions, practical meditations, and simple universal wisdom. They rock. I love them.
  • And Finally, the most radical giveaway of all, an invitation to ignite and expand your whole being awakening. Participate in a weekend of Paradigm Shifting that will rock your world and deliver you to your most empowered, authentic, essential being. My long time mentors, beloveds, Diamond and River Jameson of the Total Integration Institute have an event, this weekend, and you should be there! Listen to this audio intro lecture. If this amazing information resonates with you, contact them, mention this blog post and receive $50 off your registration fee. The event is taking place in Tucson and promises to be life changing. I have been journeying with Diamond and River for over 15 years. They are among my greatest inspirations and models of life lived in total freedom, abundance, love and awakening. Whether you are in breakdown and need breakthrough or simply are ready to pop open onto the next level of your leading edge and multidimensional life, this is for you.
I offer you all this and more from a buoyant, happy heart. Say yes to your life! Drink it in and enjoy!~ And let me know how I may be of service on your Earth walk.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Enough - As You Are - Glorious, In fact

Last weekend I was talking about the effects of media on brain development with MiLo, a friend, father, artist and yogi, I truly admire.

He shared that he used to work in Advertising, editing commercials. He noticed that at the end of the day, his heart felt sunken. He realized that it was due to the bottom line message of ALL the ads: "you are not good enough". You are not enough, so you need X product to fix you - to fill your need. How insidious and heart sinking indeed.

I grew up, like many of us, immersed in the cultural messages that media advertising dishes out. And, for a LONG time, I did not feel good enough. Now, I know better. To the very core of my being, I know I am enough, we all are enough, in fact we are miracles...every one of us.

Yet before I knew this simple truth to be self evident, I "worked it," trying to be enough, achieve enough, give enough, learn enough, look good enough, be smart enough, love enough, etc... I remember one therapist, who asked me straight out "Will you ever be good enough for yourself?" That stopped my world. And I know I am not alone in having walked that path. Perhaps it is a universal growing pang, or maybe a "champagne suffering" ill of the privileged, consumer driven Western Culture. I have discovered that the consumptive, compulsive urge to have, to want, to prove, to do, etc, is a toxic mimic for a deeper hunger that longs to be addressed. We are hungry for what we have forgotten is ever present to nourish us. I love what spiritual teacher, Gurumayi says, "All hunger is hunger for God"( in the most broad, ecumenical sense). It is a natural blessing to be satiated by the innate divine communion that is our birth right. Sometimes we forget to access and rest in what already always is: we are connected, we are enough - at essence level, nothing is lacking.

I wonder, until one hits the real treasure, how much love, food, praise, sex, success, stuff, money, is enough? Is it ever enough if it is not feeding the core need? Or resolving the question, "AM I Enough?" once and for all? We can be driven ambitiously by a compulsion to get and to achieve...or, we can be driven by a path of heart, a calling to serve, an authentic inspiration. More money or bigger success seldom equals having more authentic connection or living our bigger "God Life". I love money and success, yet sometimes their pursuit is enmeshed in misunderstanding and they become golden carrots that direct me externally in attempt to fulfill an inner longing.

And yet of all the questions, this next one gets most of my attention: When we look into our world, what reflects back to us that we are good enough? That in fact we are glorious, unique, and unified all at once?"

How do I answer this question?
  • The frequency of nature... mountain, sky, thriving ecosystems, the bounty of flora, fauna, color and life, sends out a strong "you are enough" message. The natural world is such an amazing blueprint for wholeness.
  • Trusted relationships with other beings...where we know, without a doubt that we are loved and lovable, as we are...enough.
  • Life as Sadhana, which fulfills all our core needs so generously. Living life as spiritual practice, we become like the laughing Buddha. Knowing we are everything, we embody the good life of true prosperity and happiness. Buddha nature IS our natural state. We are love itself . How could it get any better?
At an intimate, cellular, vibrational level, communion with our essential being, mother nature and our beloveds transmits the message "we belong here, we are home, we are whole, we are enough." We are all a part of Something Beautiful (This tune by Alexi Murdoch, transmits this very message in a big way, listen).

How else do these messages come to us naturally in the world and how can we increase access and exposure so that knowing we are enough becomes the norm?

Please comment! I want to hear from you
. After all, you are the beings reweaving the world, on the leading edge of human consciousness. Where do you find messages of your magnificent wholeness in the world? Let's focus there...that is liberation, that is truth...that is beautiful and that IS enough.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Artists Allied in Universal Love

Dear Allies in Love and Unity,
Today I want to shine the light of gratitude back on you and on all the artists, creators and community members that are The One Love Alliance.

This is best illustrated by Ubuntu ,"is a humanist philosophy focusing on people's allegiances and relations with each other." Loosely translated, it means, I Am because You Are. Introduced to me by teacher, Arnold Mindell, in his fabulous World Work, Ubuntu is at the heart of my vision for The One Love Alliance, and I am grateful to see so many of us living it every day. "A person with Ubuntu is open and available to others, affirming of others... for he or she has a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that he or she belongs in a greater whole . Archbishop Desmond Tutu further explains "... Ubuntu speaks about our interconnectedness...You are connected and what you do affects the whole world. When you do well, it spreads out; it is for the whole of humanity."

It is from this generous, fertile ground that I thank you with all of my heart. The One Love Alliance, is a cross pollination of all of us. Whether you are readers, activists, artists, clients, collaborators, event participants, friends, family or a combination of them all, thank you for being the living embodiment of unity and love in the world. Thank you for being part of this evolving, open system, this alliance of lovers of life.

Last weekend, The One Love Alliance spirit of Ubuntu manifested in the orchestration of community members that came together for the successful launch of ZaBoomBa. I am still overflowing with gratitude, grocking the amazing talent, skill, loving hearts, and creativity that co-created this project. After dozens of rehearsals, hours of sweat, millions of behind the scenes logistics and many moons in the making, ZaBoomBa was birthed, delivering two off the hook, standing ovation, premier interactive performances. The uncorked joy and unity consciousness sent a jolt of love into the world. The Tucson community was so generous and willing, and our team was in full synergy. I'd like to acknowledge some of these artists of life! I *LOVE* them all and I am honored to have partnered with them.

I cannot say enough about the irresistible, talented, humble, handsome, Kenya Masala (yes, I am biased). His buoyant charm, high energy and pure love commanded sacred space. He is the visionary, director, producer and facilitator behind this project, as well as a slammin percussionist! Hat's off to you, Kenya! You went BIG bro, and we went with you!

Cliff Berrien, Mike Zechinno and Alfie Villegas, all musicians with super groovin' Afro-Brazilian Group, Batucaxe, local musician, Jeff Simpson and percussionist, Swami Piezer, all rock beyond the beyond! Together they create a mastery of rhythm and an embodiment of love that is pure magic. Their smiles are etched on my heart forever.

Bold and beautiful dancers, Kimi Eisele (of New Articulations, and Movement Salon), Bete Pfister, Kenya Johnson, both dancers with Batucaxe, (Kenya also served as PR Pro that succeeded in getting the Buzz of ZaboomBa everywhere at once), Jade Beale (local African dance instructor and photographer for our super-cool bio website pix), and Yarrow King (Batucaxe dance director and instructor)...I bow to you! These courageous, amazing women showed up week after week with willing bodies, hearts and spirits! Their athleticism, energy, love and passion leapt to new levels of excellence. I was honored to direct and dance amongst them. They brought our vision to life, both as unique, authentic movers, and as a fine tuned ensemble that emanated wholeness and unity.

Nadia and Paul, of Flam Chen - These cutting edge visionaries create breath taking, stunning performances and public actions in their Pyrotechnic Theater/Circus Arts Company. They served on our production team, with stage and costume design as well as righteous development consultation. We fell in love with these two. They are wise, hilarious and infinitely creative souls. Special thanks to Athena, Nadia's daughter, our make up artist.

Michael Longstaff, MiLo- This prolific, ultra gifted artist and Yogi-(instructor and practitioner), helped design our logo, website and branding from inception. He also created and ran the film graphics for our stage show. His devotion to creativity and his out of the box vision, come through all he touches. All the while, his humble, centered, vibe permeates the space with unpretentious love.

Director of Instrument Runners, Danielle Berrien, of Batucaxe (who also plays on the Maracatu percussion piece) and her team of 20 peeps, were alert, engaged, and wonderful. With their priceless support, we were able to bridge the worlds of stage and audience and break through the veil of performer and spectator, to create one village.

Sean Stuchen, served as our open hearted, smiling photographer. His presence was deeply relaxed and non invasive. He captured the love, power and beauty of ZaBoomBa with awe and professional artistry.

And last though not least, thanks to you, the beautiful Tucson community, including family and friends who traveled from afar and locals whose support was palpable. Playful folks of all ages, close to 1000 over the course of two shows, came together in an unforgettable expression of community joy! My cup runneth over!

Together our contributions to humanity create a more beautiful world. May we all continue to birth inspired projects of passion, universal love, and unity consciousness. May we show up for the intimate dance of merging our greatest gifts with the dreams of other visionaries, while channeling the dream of the Universe. This is the One Love Alliance. This is Ubuntu. This is the call to live on your leading edge, in service to all life. All are invited. All are welcome.
How do you experience living on your leading edge in service to life?

"Long life, honey in the heart"
Martin Pretchtel.