Monday, November 2, 2009

One Love Nuggets!-Git em while they're HOT!

On this Auspicious November Full Moon, One Love Nuggets are officially launched. Piping HOT. What is so hot about receiving a poignant, witty nugget of universal wisdom to chew on? Maybe that answer lies in the fact that we all travel similar paths in our inner most core, and that if we find ourselves here, on this blog, we share an intention to be connected, in love and in communion with the Source of life. There is a deeper life that is always happening, one that is humbling, awesome and mysterious...and, when we dwell there, everything takes on a richer perspective and we become more alive. Now that is HOT!

So...our first question comes in from "Easily Distracted".

Dear G,
How do I easily keep my internal focus and connection with all the wilds of the world spinning around me?-Easily Distracted.

Dear Easily,
There are many ways to answer this question, but in a "nuggetly" fashion, I will say this...The wilds of the world spinning around you literally stop spinning so wildly when you anchor into your deep center and rest there. Make that a practice. Even if you have to set a timer every 5 minutes to do it. Breathe. Drop in to your self, and rest there. You see, I know you do, that the connection to your core self, big SELF,is not at odds with the spinning wilds, it actually contains them. Your "internal focus and connection" are the designated drivers, not the "wilds". Reestablish connection easily in any moment by asking "Who is driving?" You decide.
Thanks for your question and let me know how the journey unfolds.
One Love,

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