Monday, September 19, 2011

Post Bhakti Fest: In Supreme Being

My auspicious dream:
I am Arjuna.
I am watching a deer and and a mongoose in a frenetic chase. They chase round and round and round, exhausted, unceasing.

I say to Krishna, "When will they stop?"
He says "Never. They will chase until they die."

I bow, on my knees in prayer.
Krishna says "So, do you want to enter the chase? Or do you want to stay with me?"
"I definitely want to stay with you", I say.
"Then embed yourself in my lining", he says.
And I do.

I awaken feeling both shaken and gifted by this mighty dream. I understand that like an embryo, my thriving soul life depends on embedding in the womb of God, in the heart of Supreme Being. My growth, my dwelling place here is my priority. This is the only posture through which I can enter the marketplace without a chase to the death.

Any other intuitive hits on my dream? I love to hear them.
Have you had any potent, unforgettable dreams lately...that are itching to be witnessed?
Call on me. That is one of my specialties and delights! A Dream Leaping we will go!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Unlived Life is Calling

Is there something yet untapped, unlived, that wants to come through you?

After a really juicy couple of decades, full of love, goodness and success, I committed to up the ante and take my living to a new level. I commited to live for the soul, to make the God of my heart driver rather than adviser/copilot. The last year has blown the roof off the last 40. I am talking about deep soul fulfillment, communion with supreme being. Not everyone wants that. And, if you do, it is always available.

Don’t believe a word I say... You know what is real in your heart. Please don’t settle for less.

Leap. Love. Live.