Sunday, October 11, 2009

Affection=Love in Action

"Operation H3- Hugs, Handshakes and High Fives" We met at the Tucson Meet Yourself Festival Food Court. It was chaotic and packed. We were to make our way through connecting with and greeting as many people as possible, then huddle together, hug one another, and disperse. It did not go exactly as planned, yet it went just as it was meant to go.

Thank you to the willing peeps that showed up. You are awesome, daring lovers of life!

Truly, the Food court was mayhem. Actually, the festival WAS the mob, and we were greatly outnumbered. However, there were a few dozen One Love Alliance Agents that I recognized.

Note to self: From now on create a rendezvous spot to circle up together prior, and after wards. We need to be briefed & debriefed.

Personally, I high fived at least 30 or more fellow Tucsonians, of every age, race, size and gender. I said hello, wished them a happy day, a “Happy Tucson Meet Yourself”. 99% of people I encountered returned the genuine friendly smile, were positive and willing to connect. They were even tickled and delighted. Only one person was hesitant and, a few walked right on by, avoiding me.

Take away wisdom…Be more intentional about connecting eye to eye and heart to heart with strangers…And definitely more intentional, appreciative and warm with all those I already know-by acquaintance or intimate friendship. We are mammals! We need loving contact.

After our flash mob, I met up with my 50 fellow Batucaxe musicians and dancers for our performance (which was incredible by the way). On purpose I greeted each of them, with a hug, a high five or a warm pat on the back. I felt more enlivened and uplifted by our connection…what a sweet flow of love.

With H1N1 out and about (AKA Swine Flu) some folks were nervous that handshakes and hugs were ways of spreading “THE VIRUS”…Now, don’t’ get me wrong. I am all about health and vitality. I just say wash your hands often, take elderberry syrup, boost your immune system and give and get the love. Love IS medicine.

Saturday, we refrained from hugs and handshakes, and opted for high fives, but we did not refrain from the love. After all, that is what we are all about, allied forces of love in motion, taking it to the streets. Who can’t benefit from more love? Internally, locally, globally? Makes me rethink “affection”, more literally, as love that has an affect on our well being.

Affection=Love in Action. Bring it! Be it!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Let The Flash Mobs BEGIN! Love in Motion!

“Creative a gift to the world and every being in it. Don't cheat us of your contribution. Give us what you've got.” Pressfield
We are off and rolling...Yogis Dance Flash Mob Mission has had two successful runs already. The premise was to marry two of my favorite movement forms-Yoga and Dance, with live drumming! in a public eruption of uncorked joy and playfulness. "Devotion in Motion, Compassion in Action" (that is actually MC Yogi's) came alive both on the U of A Mall, on Equinox, Sept 2009, and again, on a busy downtown street on a Full Moon Friday night, in Oct 2009. In a nutshell...

A few dozen yogis and dancers met on a busy street corner at 8:00pm. We spontaneously began a flow of freestyle yoga postures, as if it was the most natural and normal thing to bust into a few poses on the sidewalk on a friday night. We moved for 3 minutes until 8 or so drummers emerged from the shadows playing outrageously infectious rhythms. We flocked to them, dancing joyfully and wildly, for just 3 more minutes. When they stopped we all dispersed and blended back into the scene, as if nothing out of the ordinary had just happened!

What uncorked playfulness, and a blast of community love!
Here's what some of the participants had to say!

“What a great party and all in 6 minutes” "What a blast!" "More, more” “Magic!”

"One Love...the magic of me and you and all of us in the expanding moment...anything is possible-why wait-be-me-not afraid to love- unique-bonding-share the unexpected- play like it's the real thing-and it is!"

Yes, it is the real thing. We were are not performing-this is real life. Thank God!