Friday, February 26, 2010

Artists and Acension-Listen to My Interview!

Love and blessings to you all!

I have been as busy as a beaver these past weeks with the building of and tending to many rich and juicy projects. Amidst travels to CO, CA and next, WA, I have been in rehearsal for the amazing, upcoming Za Boom Ba Performance, coming to Tucson May 7 & 9. Tickets are on sale and it promises to be incredible!

I am also working on the film short of our Valentine's Day "Free Love", Flash Mob and will post and blog about it once complete. Today, it is my pleasure to share a treat with you. I was recently interviewed as a guest on Nancy Wait's Blog Talk Radio show, "Artists and Ascension". Nancy, a dear heart, was gracious and lively. We covered a lot of territory and went right to the core. It was great fun and really encapsulates so much of the mission of The One Love Alliance as well as the call of the times.

Take a listen and please, send me your comments. We are all visionary life artists, reweaving unity consciousness into the fabric of sacred society. I want to know what inspires you to live with passion and presence. What is your calling and how are you an Artist in Ascension?
Here's to Love in motion! Cheers!
Thrive on and on and on...Gabriela

Monday, February 22, 2010

Artists in Ascension Show Link

Dear Peeps,
I hear the radio show widget did not post for email subscribers. Please go directly to the One Love Alliance Blog to hear the interview or follow this link Artists and Ascension Blog Talk Radio show.

And, while I have your attention, keep those One Love Nugget Questions coming! Simmering wisdom is ready for consumption!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Living The Love of Your Life

Greetings Lovers of Life!
One Love Nugget of Wisdom. Apply liberally to your life of love.

Dear G,
I am working on a goal-setting process for the new year. I'm pretty good at actualizing concrete goals in which the steps for action are clear, doable, and in my control. I have a harder time figuring out action plans for goals that seem invisible. Like my goal to meet my mate and have a baby together. I can do all the wishing and believing I want, but what are some actual actions I can take to make this "out there" thing come into being? Do you have any suggestions for daily and monthly actions that can help me achieve this one?

With love,

Making it real

Dear Making It Real,

I love your goal and I bow to your willingness to bring the vision of your heart into fruition. My sense is that this vision stems from the root of deep knowing and divine inspiration, rather than from the epic egoic "I, Me and Mine"-want-want-want mumbo jumbo. Your trinity is Me-Mate-Baby, and magnetizing/receiving this reality as well as sustaining conscious, life giving relationship within it will require surrender and a whole lotta selflessness. In light of this, here are a few action items to add to your quiver of alchemical manifestation.
  • Become a devoted disciple of love. Follow the Dreaming wherever love leads you. Love your life, love your peeps, love your opportunity to live fully, love the heart and core of the mystery that appears as you. This will MAGNETIZE real love into your life.
  • Become a devotee of Love for its own sake (not as a 'deal' get the loot). Be willing to let go of the whole picture of "me, mate, babe" for the fulfillment of divine love, trusting that if the form of that trinity IS in your highest good, it will in fact come to pass.
  • Create a daily, weekly or bi monthly ritual (for full moon & new moon), where you consciously reach out and connect with your mate and baby energetically. Talk to them. Call them to you. Better yet, sing them to you. Use your creativity, spontaneity and playfulness to make this real for yourself. Invite the elements, mother nature and any god/goddess/guide divine ally to join you.
  • Tell all your trusted, most aligned friends about your heart's desire and receive their support in networking, and supporting you.
  • Clear all conflicts and ambivalence you may have that would otherwise sabotage your manifestation/receiving. Sometimes even a tiny glitch of unattended fear/conflict will be like a thorn in your side. As Peter Gabriel says, "I have my fears, so they don't have me." This means loving examination of all the beliefs, conflicts, agreement fields and fears in the space surrounding committed relationships, mate-hood and even parenthood. I suggest right brained activities to support you; such as mandalas, non-dominant hand journaling dialogues, role playing with internal voices and loving conversations with trusted friends. The key here is curiosity and presence rather than diagnostic productivity. Rather than a linear practice, simply jump in - dive in (to yourself) and explore any time you experience a conflict trigger.
  • Write a wanted add or personal profile with the bare truth and let it seed out into the world in print and through the mega possibilities on the web. Along the lines of: "I am the love of your life. Amazing, loving, creative....etc, person, ready to connect with my soul mate, live deeply in love and meet you for conscious, equal partnership, creating an incredible life together, including a baby! You are my match. You resonate deeply with my heart and are called to meet your soul mate (me) and start a family as well. You are fearless and willing in all things love - vulnerable, undefended, deep. No nonsense. Playful, but no games. I know you are out there. Earnest possibilities need only inquire."
Remember, what you seek is seeking you! Develop trust in your heart's knowing and give yourself fearlessly to love and life, just as you want your mate to show up for you, and his life. Then, if by chance it is not in the will have already given yourself with full devotion to the divine trinity of You, the Earth and the Universe. And that is as holy a trinity as it gets, everything else just springs from that bounty.
Energizing your vision.
One Love,

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Reinventing Valentine's Day

Once upon a time, Valentine's day was a traditional Hallmark Holiday to me. You get the picture; flowers and bon bons out of heart shaped boxes and a lace doily card for that someone special.

Now, utilizing the energy and commemoration of this "holy day" means reinventing it to fit who I am today. These days romantic love is just one limb of the mighty tree of universal love I experience. Love can be a guiding force that is ever present and unifies us all. Love is natural. We are wired for it. We are love itself, and Love is for EVERY ONE! Here are some of the ways I am reinventing Valentine's Day for myself and those around me.
  • Love Globally, Act Locally. I will share love with everyone on Valentine's Day in the form of a smile, a gesture and simply walking through the world with an unguarded, open heart, allowing loving energy to flow freely.
  • Create a Community Event. This year the second annual One Love project will take place at a Tucson, AZ Farmer's Market. Mission FREE LOVE will gather a posse of peeps to walk together through our local Farmer's Market on Sunday morning, Feb 14, giving out homemade Valentine's with messages of Unity and Unconditional Love. Our message is simple: One Love. Namaste. The heart light in me recognizes the heart light in you-and in this place of love, we are ONE. Check out the One Love Alliance site to create a local event like ours in your home town.
  • Love with an Undefended Heart. Instead of giving my husband chocolate or a romantic date night out (though I LOVE those too), I am committing to love him with more conscious attention. I will do my best to see the Divine in him; to listen deeply, to pause rather than react, to invite and allow communion, to call myself back into connection anytime I go unpresent, get preoccupied, or emotionally distant. A great book to support this practice is Undefended Love.
  • Give Affection. I commit to offer loving touch to all my loved ones close by as well as call those across the miles and tell them I love them so.
  • Be a Love Bug. Love Life! Love being in the world. And be grateful for ALL of it!
Most important of all, I will integrate my Valentine's intentions into daily life. Every day is a day to love fully, to see, cherish and celebrate the Divine love we are. May we each be a force of Love in motion! May unconditonal love shine upon you and radiate from you in a reciprocal flow of grace. Valentine's will you celebrate?