Monday, February 28, 2011

5 Tips for Intuitive Time Management

This one goes out to all of you (who like me) tend towards over commitment, have active, juicy lives, are saturated with creative passions, and have others who depend on your responsible care taking. How do you get to what matters most every day?

As one whose life is driven through the intuitive realms, I offer you:
5 tips for Managing Time Intuitively:
  • Your #1 Goal. Every day, have the goal, intention and prayer that you will be divinely guided by your inner knowing to exactly that which you most need to tend to, touch and accomplish.
  • Prioritize for Integration. Your schedule/agenda for each day should include feeding your soul and integrating the needs of all (or most) parts of your vast being.
  • Surrender. Tweaking, adjusting and flowing with change as the truth of the moment arises, allows Divine Intelligence to drive.
  • Cultivate the ability to LISTEN. Train yourself, with constant redirection, to feel and listen to the truth when it arises as a felt sense in your body and/or environment (even if it means redirecting your plans beyond your neatly organized "To Do" list).
  • Turn In rather than Trip Out. If your time and energy feel crunched, focus on listening for inner guidance instead of falling into, reactivity, control or overwhelm.
When the day is done, you might not get to everything, though you'll get to what really matters. When you move with divine intelligence, empowered actions create real connection, breeding love and spacious time that truly satisfy the soul.


  1. Thank you for your exceptionally relevant nugget this morning. I was just stressing about all I have to do when it came.

  2. So beautifully streamlined and expressed...sent it out to some friends.
    Thank you for your nuggets of gold.
    Love unending,


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