Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fast Track to Liberation and Aliveness

Universal teachings from every tradition will tell you:
Embracing life, as it is, right now, in this moment, exactly as it is showing up, without exception, offers vast liberation and deep peace.

Even when my tender heart is aching with sorrow... Even when I am in judgment, frustration or discontent... Even when I am exalted in joy or in deep relaxation...

You name it. Same application.
Embrace and liberate.

Lean in on your living.
Embrace the Miracle of living fully ALIVE.


  1. So true Gabriela!
    Thank you for the reminder ~
    Embracing Life just as it is ~ Can never hear that often enough ~
    Blessings to you, as always ~


  2. True, True...always a relevant reminder. I write it because I need to hear it!
    All love,

  3. Beautiful post, as always, Gabriela.

  4. Thank you, B. Your words humble me. We are all pilgrims on this path of liberation. Grateful to journey with you!

  5. Thank you for the Love nugget and for Being Love!
    love, Heidi

  6. My great honor and pleasure! Thanks for your comment!


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