Thursday, December 9, 2010

Why Tolerate? Surrender. A One Love Nugget

This nugget dropped in on my desert run this morning.

Feel the difference between what you accept and what you tolerate. Where have you surrendered and where have you resigned?

I can accept that which I cannot change and surrender to my Source. I might even say "Dear Universe, I surrender. Please support me in experiencing a shift."
I can tolerate that which I am too scared, or too conditioned (habituated), too rebellious (cynical) or too multidimensionally lazy to change.

In toleration and resignation, my heart tightens. I suffer.
In acceptance and surrender, I soften. My heart melts open, even through pain, even through challenging circumstances.

Feel the difference. What do you choose?

All Love,


  1. Love your one love nuggets! Can't wait to hear today's.

  2. Thanks, dear B. Quick, simple and hopefully helpful. Love you!


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