Wednesday, December 8, 2010

People Before Things-A One Love Nugget

Life is happening
now. Time is ticking. Cease the moment to reach out to someone who nourishes you, inspires you, and gives your life more joy and beauty. Thank them.Tell them you love them. What if this simple practice went to the top of your agenda of things " to do" today?
People before things.

Ready? Go! Love up your peeps.
I will do the same.
Shanti Om, G


  1. So much gratitude for the reminder...yes! I love you and appreciate you so much sweet sista...


  2. Oh So mutual Sista Suze! You are golden love! You always put peeps before things! I love you, dear! Hugs, G

  3. Love it! Love you!!!

    Your One Love Nuggets Nourish Me!!!


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