Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Palm of Grace- A One Love Nugget

This One Love Nugget dropped in during savasana after an auspiciously intense class with dear teacher, Mira (check out her site), at my all time fave yoga studio, Yoga Oasis (check them out too!)

Have you ever felt immense gratitude for feeling held right in the palm of grace, as if cupped gently by the Universe itself? Then life hiccups and suddenly, a drop down, far from the sanctuary of the divine embrace.

Today, I realized we are the yoyo, and the Divine is playing with us. Fall after fall, we are headed right back into the Source. Falling down and reeling back again and again. Humbling. Free Falling. And yet we are held, all along.

We are the golden thread of life...the current of Grace itself.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. So I did both.

All Love, G


  1. the palm of the hand of the universe.
    love it. you're on a roll!

  2. This is beautiful. Simple and speaks so deeply to me. Thank you for posting this. Just what I needed!

  3. Thank you, Kristen. I am touched by this intimate journey that is also so universal. All love to you, hermana, G

  4. I love this image, that "we are the yoyo"!!! This is perfect for me at this time. I am constantly a beginner, over and over, and I feel like a yoyo. I love you and thank you for this insight.

  5. You are so welcome, Katie. And thank you. I am touched by your comment. Love, G


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