Monday, September 19, 2011

Post Bhakti Fest: In Supreme Being

My auspicious dream:
I am Arjuna.
I am watching a deer and and a mongoose in a frenetic chase. They chase round and round and round, exhausted, unceasing.

I say to Krishna, "When will they stop?"
He says "Never. They will chase until they die."

I bow, on my knees in prayer.
Krishna says "So, do you want to enter the chase? Or do you want to stay with me?"
"I definitely want to stay with you", I say.
"Then embed yourself in my lining", he says.
And I do.

I awaken feeling both shaken and gifted by this mighty dream. I understand that like an embryo, my thriving soul life depends on embedding in the womb of God, in the heart of Supreme Being. My growth, my dwelling place here is my priority. This is the only posture through which I can enter the marketplace without a chase to the death.

Any other intuitive hits on my dream? I love to hear them.
Have you had any potent, unforgettable dreams lately...that are itching to be witnessed?
Call on me. That is one of my specialties and delights! A Dream Leaping we will go!


  1. I always like to ask these 4 questions of my dreams (answer them quickly, without thinking too much):

    1. What is the title of my dream?
    2. What is theme of the dream?
    3. How did you feel in the dream?
    4. What question is the dream asking?

  2. Title:Krishna's got my back
    Theme: Stop, redirect to the Divine
    Feel: Shocked,sad,humbled, grateful
    Question the dream is asking: Will you live for the soul?

  3. I loved your questions! Thanks, Britt! You are awesome!

  4. I love this dream- it feels like you're right on, and it seems like super clear confirmation that you're on exactly the right path! Living from the heart, for the soul is just what I see you doing and diving more deeply into...

  5. Thanks Lucia...Thank goodness for the dream directive reminders...embed in Supreme Being. Our natural state perhaps and yet my attention is not always there. Love you!


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