Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Right Tarot Deck For YOU!

Today's Question:
"How do you select a tarot deck? I've been feeling like I would like to get one for 2010, but there are *so* many out there now, I don't know how to choose one. How did you choose the ones you use?"

Today's One Love Nugget:
For those of us who may not be familiar with the Tarot, it is a deck of cards, usually 72, with images and archetypes that contain universal symbolism used in divination. Many decks are not actual "Tarot" yet serve as insightful oracles none the less. They are basically a tool for reading more deeply into all things life and love. While traditionally used by fortunetellers and "readers", these days they are widely accessible and very user friendly. We can utilize these decks to drop into the dreamtime realms and collective unconscious, to bring into consciousness, elements and information that can serve us in the Now.

I can say a lot here, but I will keep it to a bite size morsel...a nugget.

When choosing a deck, I suggest you
  • Go to a metaphysical or specialty bookstore that has a wide selection of sample decks.
  • Explore and let your heart and intuition guide you.
  • Choose a deck that speaks directly to your unique brand of personalized spirituality.
  • Select one with an interpretive book that is languaged in a way that resonates with you.
My personal favorites are decks with ecumenical, universal images and interpretations. I love the Osho Zen, Inner Wealth, Medicine Cards, Mother Peace and Voyager. There are so many possibilities out there, so, do your research and find the one that fits you best. This site has hundreds of decks and even sorts them by themes.

After 25 years of using oracle and tarot cards personally and professionally, I can vouch for an oracle being like a trusted friend. Though really, the trusted friend is not the deck itself, it is YOU. The tarot is ultimately a tool of self discovery and inquiry into our deepest nature. So whatever deck you feel magnetized toward, use it to hone your intuitive knowing and support you in bringing forth the light and glory that you are.

Blessings and gratitude! let me know what you choose! Or which chooses you!

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