Saturday, October 16, 2010

Free Hugs-International Day of Peace

Simple Equations:
  • Inner Peace+ Authentic Love= Full Heart.
  • Full Heart+Embracing Humanity = Free Hugs.
This year, on International Day of Peace, a few members of the One Love Alliance decided to show up at our local Farmer's Market and give "Free Hugs". The inspiration was simple. When we feel inner peace, we are able to be peace. In being peace, we can be love and in being love, the most natural expression, from this luminous, full place is to share the wealth.

This was a truly joyous improvisational experience. I was most touched by how willing most people were to embrace, smile, laugh, connect and radiate love right back. No one is really a stranger. We are all fellow travelers on this Earth walk. From where I walk, love is Queen. On this bright morning, a wave of lighthearted peace rippled through the farmer's market, and the world felt like a friendly, loving place, where all things are possible.

We have it on video to share with you!

First I'd like to send a shout out of deep gratitude to:
  • Kenya, my beloved, brilliant life partner, the eye behind the camera. From idea inception, through execution, and project completion, he is always a co-creative ally by my side.
  • My songbird, bhakti sister, Bronwin. Her devotional humble, sweet heart is golden.
  • Heidi and her pal who saw our post on Facebook and came to give and get Free Hugs.
  • All the willing huggers who joined our exchange of peace and love in motion.
  • Mc Yogi, whose stellar, uplifting song, "Give Love" is the soundtrack to our video. He unifies masses in a spirit of devotion & love. He is a true transmitter of peace power.
Please share your comments!
Let us know what our video sparked in you!
And, of course, forward it on, generously. Post it, share it! Spiral this love around the world! it is! One Love Alliance Free Hugs!


  1. Dear Lovers-of-Life ~

    Watching the wonderful video I was brought back to the joy of being with you there in the sunshine of your heart~opening hugs!

    Keep on lighting up the whole planet with your One Love Alliance!

  2. Thank you...Thank you...your love is sunshine!

  3. LOVED THIS!!!! What a beautiful way to start my Monday!!
    You are love, sistah!

  4. Beautiful!
    I am eternally inspired and enlivened by your magnificent and generous spirit.


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