Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Generous-Gratitude Give Aways!

I am feeling Grateful! I am feeling Generous! I turned 40 over the weekend and I have never felt more happy, vital, at peace and in service of the One. I am IN LOVE with Life and to continue celebrating, I am offering some awesome giveaways, right here, right now!
  • First, I am giving away an Inner Wealth Deck to the first 4 people who write a comment to this post. You must include "I am savoring my Inner Wealth" in your comment, as well as your address so that I can mail it to you! Yes, I am even paying the shipping costs! The Inner Wealth™ Deck is an interactive, expressive tool kit of 22 beautiful activity cards. Each card offers an insightful reading accompanied by compelling and engaging expressive art activities, journaling topics and experiential mind-body practices. The cards integrate appreciative inquiry questions, practical meditations, and simple universal wisdom. They rock. I love them.
  • And Finally, the most radical giveaway of all, an invitation to ignite and expand your whole being awakening. Participate in a weekend of Paradigm Shifting that will rock your world and deliver you to your most empowered, authentic, essential being. My long time mentors, beloveds, Diamond and River Jameson of the Total Integration Institute have an event, this weekend, and you should be there! Listen to this audio intro lecture. If this amazing information resonates with you, contact them, mention this blog post and receive $50 off your registration fee. The event is taking place in Tucson and promises to be life changing. I have been journeying with Diamond and River for over 15 years. They are among my greatest inspirations and models of life lived in total freedom, abundance, love and awakening. Whether you are in breakdown and need breakthrough or simply are ready to pop open onto the next level of your leading edge and multidimensional life, this is for you.
I offer you all this and more from a buoyant, happy heart. Say yes to your life! Drink it in and enjoy!~ And let me know how I may be of service on your Earth walk.


  1. NueroSomaLiciousMay 25, 2010 at 11:16 PM

    Blessings and enjoy 40 it's a lovely year. I am savoring my inner wealth. I love your enthusiasm, the embodiment of the love of life. I share with you the conception of Vividor or Vividora....one who lives deeply for the purpose of the love of life....it sounds like the Vividora in you is fully alive, full of love, generosity, possibility and connection.

    HAPPY Birthday and Blessings,


  2. Happy B-Day. What a lovely expression as you enter and unfold the Legacy of 40 and the connection and full aliveness. I am savoring my inner wealth. Your expression resonates with what I am embodying and what I am unfolding. Thanks for the inspiration and may your birthday unfold beutifully. As the Vividor or Vividora says...live deeply for the love of life is the blessing of being human and alive.

  3. Tivo! What a beautiful comment! I love Vivador and Vivadora! Yes! A way of life with which I naturally resonate! I would love to send you an Inner Wealth Deck. Please email me your full name and address privately or post it for me in a comment here. Con amor! Gabriela

  4. Anonymous,
    Thanks for your comment! I would LOVE to send you an Inner Wealth Deck. I just need your name and address! Please pass it on so that I can share the wealth! Love, Gabriela

  5. Wowee Gabi 40 years on the planet! Congratulations and Rainbow blessings from Maui, HI...I am savoring my Inner Wealth by listening to Eden Sky's agents of calm. http://soundcloud.com/soundtrack_dxb/song-for-agents-of-calm and feeling how strong and ready my heart is to be of service in these last 1000 days of the Mayan Prophecy of 2010. I bring the Inner Wealth deck into beingLoved and I love the way the colors and the wisdom brings even more magic and light into the practice. I already have a deck, just wanted you and everyone else to know how powerful it is - and YOU are, radiantly blossoming every moment. with Love, Liz http://www.beingLovednow.com

  6. I tried sending this earlier so I will try again. Happy Birthday Gabriela and what sweet gifts you offer. I don't know if the four comments were received but I am letting you know anyway that I am savoring my Inner Wealth every day. Sometimes it takes reminders to do so but I seem to get them and I just remember the amazing being that I am. If you still have a deck: I would love to receive -if not know worries.


  7. Liz! You LightJOYLove! Thanks for your beautiful comment. 1000days! Here we go!i would love to send you another deck to use or gift as you like. What is your snail mail addy in the land of manna? And for anyone besides Liz who reads this-go check out her incredible work/play/art/movement offerings! Stellar, magnificent authentic amazing. www.beinglovednow.com Love you Liz! Gracias, amiga divina!

  8. Lynne,
    Thank you so much! I'd love to send you a deck. Just need your address! Big love, ONE BIG lOVE,G

  9. Happy Birthday, Gabriela. I turned 40 last year and seriously it was like being reborn. I have changed in wonderful ways.
    I am savoring my Inner Wealth by always trusting I'm exactly where I am supposed to be.


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